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Stud Rams

We take our slogan "Where Honesty Breeds Integrity" very seriously. Our stud rams are excellent in the show ring, and we have the gallery to prove it to you.
We have featured some of our best rams in the gallery below. Take a look and see what our genetics can do for your flock!

Current Stud Rams

bwb's kaboose pictured from the front bwb's kaboose pictured from the rear


17-183 RR NN
Frozen Semen $150 per unit
Contact for volume discounts

His name says it all. Big rack, big square hip and wide pin set.
Lower leg galore. Moves like he is floating on air.
Super, super breed character.

Owned with Rife Shropshires.

bwb's ghost pepper


16-237 RR NN
Frozen Semen $50/unit
Contact for volume discounts

Reserve National Champion Ram
2016 Big E

Champion Ram
2016 Ohio State Fair

Produces super breed character. Lots of rack and hip muscle. Powered up!
Owned with Rife Shropshires.

LAI Service Rams

champion ribbon
mr. b

“MR. B”

Mrozinski 10-08 RR
DOB: 02/06/10

Sire: Bechtold 8078
Dam: Mrozinski 06-13 (Juice Daughter)

Junior Champion Ram - '10 Springfield
1st Place Later Spring Ram Lamb - '10 Springfield

Reference Stud Rams

champion ribbon


champion ribbon

razor edge


BWB Farms 1300 RR NNP
DOB: 02/23/13

Sire: Power
Dam: BWB 1258

1st Yearling Ram &
Reserve Grand Champion Ram at 2014 OSF

5th Late Ram Lamb: 2013 NAILE
Member 4th Place Pair Ram Lambs
10th Late Spring Ram Lamb, 2013 OSF
Member 3rd Place Pair Ram Lambs


BWB Farms 1422 RR NNP
DOB: 2/23/14

Sire: "EDGE" Ebert 3013
Dam: BWB 1230 (BB KING x Rife WINN DIXIE)

Reserve National Grand Champion Ram - '14 NAILE
Junior Champion Ram - '14 NAILE
1st Place Late Junior Ram Lamb - '14 NAILE
Member 1st Place Pair Ram Lambs - '14 NAILE
12th Late Spring Ram Lamb - '14 OSF
Member 5th Place Pair Ram Lambs - '14 OSF

dandy bb king bb king


DOB: 2/16/05

Sired by Rife’s Knockout x CLSF 0041


-National Grand Champion Ram, NAILE
-Champion Ram, IL State Fair
-Res. Champion ram, IA State Fair


-Res. Champion Ram, NAILE
-Res. Champion Ram, IL State Fair
-Champion Ram, IA State Fair

Regrettably we have lost Dandy.
He has provided us with several daughters for our future.

In just a short time Dandy had gone from winning Championships to producing lambs that have won Championships.

Only time will tell as more of his offspring get a chance to prove themselves in the show ring and eventually the breeding pen also!


Bryant 08-111 RR NNP
DOB: 9/17/2008

Sired by NICHOLS 07-706 NN RR WIPE-OUT

We place great emphassis on breed character, structural soundess and pattern.
He does an excellent job at this and its quickly evident when you see his lambs.

You will see many outstanding sires in the Shropshire breed in his pedigree included "Breakthrough" 3 times!

Regrettably we have lost BB King. He has provided us with several outstanding daughters for our future.

Other notables such as Rifes Duke and Fast Lane along with Elsbury, Bryant and Heaton are represented.

We will be retaining as well as offering at select sales several ewes that would be a welcome addition to anyone's flock.

He is shown in the rough getting ready for a days work!

power edge


Pence Farms 11-112 RR NNI
DOB: 02/09/11

Sired by Pence Farms 08-19 "Cooper"

"Power" has maintained breed character and correctness in his lambs. We have retained several ewes in the flock. His 1st lamb crop was super and nothing but more to follow.


Ebert 3013 RR NNI
DOB: 01/01/13

Sired by Ebert 2095 "Rock Chalk"
Dam BWB 1202

"Edge" first is out of a great BWB ewe that won the Yearling Futurity for Monica Ebert and is now producing stud buck after stud buck for Jeff.
He adds that wide top and thickness along with definition and substance. We expect nothing but super results using him on the "Power" ewes.

champion ribbon



DOB: 10/07/13

Sire: VIP X-Cite 2851
Dam: CLSF 1121

2014 National Sale Champion &
Senior Champion Ram

Dam was class winner at 2011 Ohio State Fair and her twin was class winner at 2011 National Show.
Grand Dam was 2009 National Champion. X-Cite's full sister was Reserve National Champion in 2013.