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Welcome to BWB Farms...
"Where Honesty Breeds Integrity and Breed Character Stays True"

BWB had its beginnings, as most sheep operations, with 4-H and market lambs. From there it has grown into pure bred breeding sheep and after different breeds settled upon Shropshires in 2004. The breed had moved to slick shearing and this was a big attraction as we are not fitters and our kids could learn to slick shear. Next we noticed what was happening with Geno type and decided to start with only RR NN sheep in our flock. Some say we may overlook the quality in the “Q” factor but there are many good RR NN sheep out there as well.

We studied many breeders and purchased a select group of RR NN yearling ewes from Barnes Farm Genetics as our base. Then we followed another Shropshire sheep breeder’s advice and went out and purchased the best ram we could find at that had proven himself in the show ring, which was “Dandy” from City Limits Sheep Farm. We continue to add select bloodlines as we progress forward to develop the next generation Shropshires!

The past 10 years have proven to be quite a learning experience of which that never stops. The future looks promising and we would look forward to seeing many of you at upcoming sales and shows. Give us a call and schedule a farm visit anytime. We hope to see you soon!

You can also email us at: bwbfarmsinc@frontier.com

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Best Group of Three Lambs- 2014 NAILE

Best Group of Three Lambs- 2014 NAILE

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